The speed, freedom and cost-effectiveness that 3D printing provides is making the technology a game-changer for manufacturing companies.

As highlighted in a recent article in The Manufacturer magazine, serial 3D printing production offers a huge opportunity for manufacturers throughout the industry, and those that have taken the leap are finding the benefits are creative as well as economical.

Rapid development times, the ability to produce bespoke parts and designs, dramatic cuts in lead times and fostering slicker quality management processes are among the advantages.

Mark Kozo, Head of Marketing at Portman Asset Finance, says: “Over the last few years the concept of 3D printing has grown from an enticing vision into a strong and reliable form of quality production. Businesses are no longer using it just for prototyping.

“The increasing adaptability it affords means designs can be swiftly tested and approved before ordering expensive mouldings or parts, ultimately leading to a faster time to market.

“If your company is thinking about investing in 3D printing to increase productivity and reduce costs, we can help arrange affordable finance to fund it. With an asset finance agreement, you can pay for this technology in low monthly instalments rather than drain your working capital by paying for it upfront.”

Speak to one of our specialist Account Managers on 01604 321 995 if you’d like to discuss funding your investment in 3D printing, while details about our finance products for manufacturing companies are available here.

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