Why Use A Broker?

With access to over 40 lenders and a range of finance products on offer, Portman can provide a bespoke finance package that can help you thrive.
  • A greater chance of acceptance

  • Whole-market understanding

  • Finance solutions not products


Best of both: a lender and a broker

Portman acts as both a lender and broker, we can underwrite our own agreements, lend our own money, or lease assets that we bought on a customer’s behalf. In this way you get the best of both worlds with direct access to a lender and to the wider finance market. This might mean we can help where other companies cannot and we may be able to access rates that are not widely available.

Using Portman as a broker saves our customers a huge amount of effort. We take one set of details and collect one set of documents then go out into the market on your behalf. We approach lenders, have discussions, prepare proposals and complete paperwork so you don’t have to.


Maximise your chance of acceptance

Having been supporting SMEs for 15 years, we understand the financial market. We know which lenders are best at supporting businesses in different industries, which are best suited to firms with different trading histories and which are most likely to fund different assets.

At Portman we understand your best chance of success and will match you with the right lender. This limits the number of credit searches against your business. If required, we can also source a finance package made up of multiple lenders who each contribute part of the whole. This flexible method can be more beneficial than approaching only a single lender who may offer a straight yes or no to your entire finance needs.

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