Introducer Finance

  • Offer finance on your products
  • Enable customers to get what they really want
  • Increase your conversion rate
  • Finance from £10k to 2million
Excellent 300+ reviews 4.6 stars 200+ reviews

Introducer Finance

  • Offer finance on your products
  • Enable customers to get what they really want
  • Increase your conversion rate
  • Finance from £10k to 2million
Excellent 300+ reviews 4.6 stars 200+ reviews
  • Expert personal service

  • Increase sales and conversion rate

  • Additional revenue from referral fees

Grow sales as a Portman Introducer

Offer your customers access to finance that helps them buy everything they need from you.


More sales, better conversion rates

Reduce the risk of lost sales due to restricted customer cash-flow or limited capital.  

In partnership with Portman you can refer your customers to us for a variety of finance options. This reduces their initial outlay, protects their working capital and allows them to have affordable monthly payments over periods of up to 5 years. This way, instead of being limited by budget, they can get everything they need, whether that’s several items at once, upgraded products or a full suite of items and accessories, without worrying about the upfront cost.

By offering finance options through Portman your customers will find it easier to buy from you. This unlocks high value purchases to more customers and increases repeat business. We offer both lease purchase and hire purchase options, giving tailored and flexible solutions to your customers. 


Make upgrades easier

By allowing your customers to buy from you on a lease agreement provided by Portman, you make it easier for them to upgrade in the future or buy the full package that they really need.

With a lease agreement, the customer makes monthly payments for the duration of an agreed term. At the end of the term, one option is for the customer to give the item back and upgrade to a new model. This works very well in industries where advancements in technology mean having the latest equipment is important. However, in any industry and through special arrangement with Portman, this can mean that the second-hand item is returned to you to sell-on, forming an additional revenue stream. (There may be an administrative fee for this arrangement.)

As both a broker and a lender Portman can work with you to create bespoke funding solutions for your customers. This flexibility gives your business a competitive advantage in finding the funding that secures you a sale, whilst your customers get everything they need from you and generate revenue immediately which helps them make the monthly payments.


‘Excellent’ customer service

“Rated excellent” by Trustpilot, we pride ourselves on first-class customer service and market leading expertise, which your customers will experience. Let us take care of their finance needs, allowing you to concentrate on what you do best; running your business. 

With our fast, flexible service and a team of dedicated account managers, Portman are able to accommodate your customer from start to finish. We can prioritise their enquiry, working to secure the finance they need to complete their purchase with you quickly.   

We offer a personal and professional service. There’s no complex call centre or different departments for your customers to deal with. An assigned Account Manager will understand your specific needs, then guide your customer through the process. 


Introducer Network Benefits

Portman engage with thousands of UK-based businesses and so could you. We pride ourselves on understanding their ongoing requirements and business needs.  

Through partnership with Portman we can help you reach a wider audience by jointly promoting our services and the finance available through Portman. We are able to precisely target businesses that could require your products from an extensive database of over 500,000 UK companies.

In addition, we can provide marketing materials for you to promote the service to your customers and will consider joint marketing and advertising campaigns.

Call today to see what joining the Portman Introducer Network can do for both you and your customers. 


Benefits of Being a Portman Introducer

  • Customers can get what they need right away.
  • Customers are able to buy all the units they need in one go.
  • Allow your customer to get the model and accessories they really want.
  • Increase your conversion rate.
  • Allow customers to upgrade in the future.
  • Generate additional revenue from increased sales and referral fees.
  • Reach more customers with joint marketing campaigns.

Introducer Finance FAQs

Portman engage with thousands of UK-based businesses and so could you.

Can I offer finance to my customers?

Yes. If your customers might like to finance a purchase from you, whether that be for an expensive individual item or package of equipment, Portman can help. We can advise your customers how much finance might cost, which makes it easier for them to buy from you. As well as increased sales conversion, we may offer a referral fee for any finance taken out buy customers that reach Portman through a partner. 

Do you offer referral fees?

We may offer referral fees to a supplier who uses Portman as their finance partner. The exact fee will be based on many things including the potential volume of enquiries and value of finance being provided. 

What are the benefits of having Portman as a finance partner?

If your business sells high value items, your customers may not always have enough free cash to buy outright or may prefer not tie up the cash they do have in an asset. Using finance allows businesses to get what they need now then pay back the finance as their asset generates revenue. Having Portman as your finance partner simply allows more customers to buy from you. In return, you may generate additional income by receiving a share of the finance amount. We can also provide marketing material to help you promote the partnership, as well as contact our customer database on your behalf to promote your business. We are also rated Excellent on Trustpilot, meaning your customers will experience excellent customer service.

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How does it work?

We make things easy for your customers

We know that finance can sometimes be confusing and stressful, but what we do is simple.


1. Get started in 1 minute.

Customers enquire without affecting their credit score.


2. Understanding their business.

A dedicated account manager will discuss their needs and collect documentation.


3. Our experts do the leg-work.

We find the right deals, complete applications on their behalf to get a no obligation quote.


4. The no-fuss finance is funded.

If accepted, funds come direct to you as the supplier, you can then arrange delivery to the customer.

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