After donating £10,000 to the Northampton Saints Foundation, the Portman-funded Aspire programme has already changed the lives of many and is set for further growth ahead

Portman Asset Finance is delighted with the progress of the Northampton Saints Foundation and its new Aspire programme – which has already helped more than 50 children through activity schemes.

Local students from schools and colleges from across the Northamptonshire area were armed with the ability to take part in Portman-funded enrichment activities – aimed at supporting social and physical development.

Over the course of five weeks during the 2018 summer holidays, the Aspire programme saw Saints Foundation workers and Portman volunteers help give 53 children access to a fun environment that would promote a fun and active lifestyle.

The summer initiative was made possible by funding provided by both Portman and Boost Trampoline Parks, which enabled the Foundation to include so many students on the programme in its very first year of operations.

Giving the youngsters an insight into what constitutes a fun and active lifestyle, the delivery of the programme included trips to Riverside Hub, Hullabaloo, Cineworld, Boost Trampoline Parks, Goals and Laser Zone.

Professional yoga teacher Cat Meffan also joined the Aspire sessions to give the students an insight into how they could create a calm and peaceful mindset, with support from Portman’s very own volunteers throughout the invaluable summer scheme.

The Saints Foundation continues to be funded by Portman Asset Finance - they are the company's Charity of the Year

The Northampton Saints Foundation and its Aspire Programme have already improved children’s lives through Portman’s support.

The Foundation has already supported more than 5,000 students through its work and uses the values of Northampton Rugby Football Club and the power of sport to educate, inspire and support young people and their communities.

Portman using prosperity to create prosperity for others

Northampton Saints Social Inclusion Manager Jordan Letts believed the already life-changing work of the Foundation’s Aspire programme placed it in excellent stead to continue growth and reach more children in the future.

He said: “This was the Foundation’s first year of running the programme, and we would like to say a huge thank you to all who took part and got behind the idea to make it possible for us to do so – this especially applies to Portman Asset Finance and Boost Trampoline Parks, whose support of the Foundation continues to make an enormous difference.

“Our primary aim in starting the Aspire scheme was to give children experiences during the summer they normally wouldn’t get, whilst also building their engagement and social skills as they spent time with other pupils and staff.

“Most if not all of these students may not have been fortunate enough to participate in these activities without Aspire.”

Managing Director of Portman Asset Finance Rory Dunn was proud of the work undertaken by the Northampton Saints Foundation and the Portman volunteers, who both embodied the brand vision of the company through their work. He said: “Portman was founded on the belief that everyone should enjoy the prosperity and growth that we ourselves have: the Aspire programme’s work personifies this aim.

“As well as the financial support, having members of Portman represent us within the work delivered by the Foundation was crucial to illustrating our commitment to social responsibility.

“The Northampton Saints Foundation is a wonderful charity and serves a selfless cause – we wish all those who take part in it all the enrichment possible during the years ahead and are proud to continue our support for such a vital programme.”

You can find out more about Portman’s work with the Foundation’s Aspire Programme here.

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