Photography revolution heralds new dawn for sector; new cameras making sector more versatile; investment in equipment needed to improve efficiency

PHOTOGRAPHY Is changing and the new era will ensure that all within the industry can enjoy improved efficiency immediately with new customer propositions.

Mirrorless cameras afford photographers the ability to improve efficiency, take more photos of a higher quality, more often – boosting productivity and quality of product and service.

The first camera of its kind was developed by Sony, but with new innovations from Panasonic, Canon, and Nikon, competition is driving prices down, making possession of the camera vital to a successful business in the future.

Photos can be previewed in the digital viewfinder – this was not possible previously, but with the technology flourishing so quickly, businesses need to react to ensure that competitors don’t steal a march.

Trial and error is negated thanks to being able view final photocomposition before the shot, while 100 per cent scene coverage ensures of another USP compared to DSLR.

Buying a new camera for your photography business may seem counterproductive knowing how quickly the technology is evolving, but asset finance leasing can be the answer.

Portman provides the prolifically swift brokerage of finance for businesses omni-sector. Agreements relinquish the need to pay tax on products – reducing liabilities by 19 per cent.

After an initial enquiry to secure the finance for mirrorless cameras, approval can be granted within three hours, with all of your working capital preserved.

Photography businesses need mirrorless cameras

Photographers will be armed with the ability to take more images without sacrificing stability or focus – a larger sensor adds invaluable benefits to the refinement of depth of field, range and colour science.

Consequently, covering weddings or any other live events, which do not provide a photographer with the ability to prepare and master shots, will be easier and more lucrative as a result of investment.

Asset finance through investing in Photography finance through Portman Asset Finance

Mobile photography lacks the quality, precision and versatility to complement professional photography outlets – Portman Asset Finance offers the investment solution.

Skill takes increased onus, ensuring that businesses will have the scope to appeal to consumers through individual competence: asset finance agreements will avail you of any concerns over financing this vital new investment.

No capital is needed upfront, therefore should the new photography equipment be required immediately, there is no need to disrupt business operations thanks to the swift means of payment.

Once purchased, a new camera can be used to capture more photos concurrently – providing unrivalled efficiency compared to a mirror-laden camera.

What photography equipment can I finance?

Worried certain assets might not be financeable? Well, you can finance any asset, soft or hard.
Actual cameras, new lenses, storage solutions for the file space used up by your business – anything can be asset financed quickly.

You will never have to actually own the camera with it being leased, as a result, you are protected should you want to quickly refinance another new innovation that eclipses the virtues illustrated by the new Canon EOS R, or Panasonic S1R, for instance.

Making finance easy for businesses

Higher resolution images can be taken with increased low-light capabilities, which means your adaptability as a photographer is unparalleled – saving edit time should the quality of a photo be insufficient.

This philosophy is replicated at Portman. Head of Marketing at Portman Asset Finance was excited for businesses looking to improve their photography output quickly. He said: “The scope for photographic improvement is vast; photographers’ lives will never be easier.

“Financing a new camera, lens, or other asset is equally stress-free thanks to our relationships with more than 40 lenders and expert account managers who know how to get agreements quickly.”

Contact Portman Asset Finance now on 01604 761 276 or use the online eligibility checker to secure a photography finance solution for your business today.



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