Online gambling legislation change will damage businesses; facility investment key; winter will move customers indoors

GAMBLING Sector businesses have been dealt a major blow as damaging tax hikes were introduced with the remote betting tax.

The new tax places an additional 10 per cent levy on all online revenue and has been introduced to combat shortfalls in government income derived from the change in legislation regarding fixed odds betting terminals (FOBTs).

Maximum betting limits have been astonishingly cut from £100 to just £2, therefore plugging the income shortfall across the gambling, leisure, and gaming industries is imperative: we have the answer.

Incomes will be reduced online and in-branch for companies pan-industry – however, investing in leisure equipment finance that can generate new USPs for your business will enable you to grow and not be stymied and inhibited by the harmful effects of the Chancellor’s autumn statement changes.

What equipment will offer gambling and leisure companies scope to grow?

Forgot gambling altogether and add revenue with some unique propositions; here is a selection that can save the profitability of your business ahead of the new year without costing you a penny upfront.

Liberty Flight Simulator

Not something you see in your average bookmakers, arcade, or leisure centre; this device provides your customers with the unique ability to take to the skies and allow your profitability to soar.

Providing a completely visceral and immersive experience that is not easily accessible to the individual consumer market, your business can add new USPs to offset any reduction in online and in-branch revenues, which will procure a new market for you to excel in as an all-round leisure industry purveyor.

Star Wars: Battle Pod Arcade Machine

Adding sales potential of galactic proportions, this gaming blockbuster will be an instant source of revenue and can also be secured without upfront investment.

The 180-degree cabinet encloses your customers in a-near augmented reality setting that will transport them to the world of the synonymous film franchise, adding blockbuster sales figures, reducing tax liabilities, and providing an indoor entertainment hub to engage new and existing customers during the winter and spring months where outdoor activities will be invariably shunned.

“Interest rates are set to rise, and the new financial pressures on the gambling industry ensure new, in-branch propositions will provide the revenue streams to expand your business, while protecting cash flow thanks to Portman Asset Finance.”

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