Independent retailers are being encouraged to promote their business ahead of the annual Independents’ Day campaign on 4th July.

The campaign, founded in 2011, celebrates what independent retailers have to offer and highlights the crucial role they play within the UK retail sector.

Consumers will be urged to support independent retailers in their local communities and online, while businesses themselves are being encouraged to play an active part.

Campaign spokesman Howard Robinson was quoted on Talking Retail as saying: “We want Independents’ Day UK to be a campaign that independent retailers across sectors and throughout the country can use to promote their own businesses online and in their own communities.

“We call it a grassroots movement because it needs the retailers’ active involvement and support. It needs independent retailers to grab it by the scruff of the neck and make it work for their own businesses.”

Retailers can engage with the campaign via social media, display the campaign logo in their shop windows and on their websites and run a special offer or event to entice more customers into their shop.

Mark Kozo, Head of Marketing at Portman Asset Finance, says: “Diversity is at the heart of a successful high street and independent retailers play such a crucial role in offering customers a distinct and personable service.

“In these challenging economic times, we’d encourage independent retailers to do all they can to promote their business on the back of this national campaign. Increasing awareness of their shop can lead to higher levels of footfall coming through the doors.

“What we’ve found with our retail clients is that an effective way of boosting their profile within their community is to invest in a shop re-fit. A fresh look with new signage and branding as well as upgraded units and facilities can make a big difference and appeal to more customers.”

With an asset finance agreement, retailers can secure the funding they need for a store refurbishment without using up any of their working capital. Flexible repayment terms can be arranged and rates as low as 2.5% are available, while costs can be offset against tax.

More details about our finance products for retail businesses are available here, while you can discuss your specific requirements with our expert Account Managers on 01604 321 995.

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