Offering company app crucial to business success; employee engagement increases with integration; increase productivity and sales through investment in App finance

APP Building is increasing profits and boosting overall business ROI in manufacturing and beyond – investing in apps is crucial to company development.

The Forrester Study has revealed that there were average savings of £3.6 million from app integration for employees, after taking a mean from businesses Omni-sector.

Study results illustrated that despite not being a direct sales interface, companies within manufacturing alone could elicit these gains through simply leveraging their staff to increase awareness and boost results.

Using apps unearthed 297 per cent gains in ROI through company news celebration and organic news awareness, notwithstanding what can be sourced through consumer app integration.

Solve business finance issues without investing capital

Manufacturing sector entities are looking to find ways to increase ROI and safeguard results ahead of potential uncertainty post-Brexit, with one in six companies in the industry believing that their business would suffer a financial impact.

Creating proven financial gains without any initial investment is possible thanks to asset finance from Portman.

Nucleus Broker of the Quarter, Portman, has taken businesses within manufacturing and all other sectors to increased financial security and success thanks to its award-winning brokerage.

Financial experts are utilised to align the appropriate lender/s with your business to provide the lowest rates and most complementary service to placate company requirements.

Investment in apps is crucial to ensuring of improved productivity and efficiency

App investment will ensure that productivity, sales and business results improve, without losing any financial capital. Get better rates through Portman’s bespoke service.

App building has generated success employee and sales-side. Nurturing app engagement from the bottom line cuts employee talking time by 33 per cent, consequently boosting productivity.

More human time can be dedicated to serving customers, manufacturing products and amplifying your business reach.

Once delivered, a company will be able to invest the new found capital into B2C and B2B apps, which can connect with consumers based on their specific desires.

Personalised marketing is key to enjoying long-term rapport generation and consumer relationships, which can only be achieved with the financial asset investment in apps and wider marketing campaigns.

Realising business potential through asset finance

An asset finance loan is secured against the piece of software bought, therefore no intitial capital investment is necessary.

Cash flow can be secured through this or any other secured or unsecured business loan, or refinance arrangement to cover the amplification of your new consumer interface.

It is still prudent to invest in these avenues even if you do have the capital.

Tax liabilities are reduced by 19 per cent and more than offsets the interest payments, which start at the fantastically lucrative 2.5 per cent.

The manufacturing sector — like any other industry — can invest in any soft or hard asset. Therefore, whether that be a new app to elicit the aforementioned gains, or new equipment, vehicles, or other industry specific items, the ability to fulfil your ambitions is key is palpable.

Head of Marketing at Portman Asset Finance explained how apps can make such a difference to productivity in manufacturing and beyond. He said: “UK productivity is amongst the lowest in the G20, with improved employee engagement through an app, the gains will be seen immediately.

“A more informed workforce will be a more lucrative one and The Forrester Study illustrates how easy it can be to improve business results.

“Portman Asset Finance exists to enable ambitious businesses and help them fulfil their ambitions – maintain your working capital and improve your business results through manufacturing asset finance.”

Find out more about how you can utilise manufacturing and business asset finance through contacting our specialist account managers now on 01604 761 276.

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