Indoor cycling is the most popular group workout in the UK, according to a new industry report that reveals key trends for fitness business owners.

The research, titled Moving Communities: Active Leisure Trends 2018 and carried out by ukactive and the DataHub, found that group cycling makes up 13% of all exercise classes, more than pilates and yoga.

It also identified that woman are far more likely to sign up for group activities than men, with 74% of all group exercise participants being female. Some 38% of women visits to leisure centres are for this purpose, while just 14% of men turn up for shared sessions.

The wide-ranging report was based on data from more than three million customers and 150 million individual visits to 396 leisure centres over the last three years.

Swimming is much more popular with the elderly than it is with the young, with 39% of those aged 75 and over taking to the pool when they visit leisure centres compared to just 8% from the 16-24 age group.

Mark Kozo, Head of Marketing at Portman Asset Finance, says: “It’s always really interesting to see how customers use the choice of fitness facilities available to them as preferences change and new trends sweep in.

“Right now it seems that gyms and fitness centres may want to boost the number of exercise bikes they have due to the popularity of this type of workout, or upgrade the range of bikes they currently have in order to stand out from their competitors in this key area and attract more custom.

“Swimming pools are always a big feature that should be maintained and enhanced. Business owners may find it useful to enrich their marketing activity surrounding their swimming facilities, targeting the local elderly population in particular.”

The full report can be downloaded here. Owners of gyms and fitness centres who want to invest in their businesses armed with the knowledge from this report can find out more about our finance products here.

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Portman has spent years developing strong relationships with key equipment suppliers within the fitness industry. For example, we have worked with indoor bike specialists Wattbike to help supply the latest range of spin bikes to gyms for use in class sessions.

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