A Leeds-based chemicals manufacturer has created a product that could be the solution to the global CO2 shortage, highlighting the benefits of investment in innovation.

An unusually high number of European factories that generate carbon dioxide as part of their production processes have closed to undertake essential maintenance. This has led to a lack of CO2 – used to produce puffed-up packaging for meats and foods, as well as fizzy drinks – in the midst of a heatwave sweeping the UK and during the World Cup and barbecue season.

But a specialist chemicals manufacturer, Stephenson Group, has developed a carbon dioxide solubiliser reportedly capable of putting the fizz back into carbonated drinks.

The company’s CEO Jamie Bentley told The Manufacturer: “We started working on our product, Sustain, in 2010 and it took five years to secure a patent.

“We know if you want to make a drink and retain the same level of fizziness, we can reduce the amount of carbon dioxide needed by around 20%.

“Sustain brings a significant cost saving, a significant environmental benefit of using less CO2, but the real place we have won customers is the consumer gets a better product, because the carbon dioxide comes out of the product when a consumer drinks it, instead of when they open it.”

Mark Kozo, Head of Marketing at Portman Asset Finance, says: “This is a leading example of how, with the appropriate investment, focus and dedication, specialist manufacturing companies can produce truly unique products that carry great potential. Sustain promises to be of considerable gain, both economically and environmentally.

“At Portman we are a champion of innovation within the manufacturing sector. We have helped arrange finance for companies operating in the packaging and food and drink production sectors amongst many others. Gaining access to valuable and flexible funding allows businesses to acquire new equipment or resources they need to develop new concepts and invest in their futures.”

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