How much money is needed to buy fitness equipment for a commercial gym?  A commercial gym will require anywhere between £80,000 and £100,000 for the fitness equipment alone.

The final cost allocated for the acquisition of fitness equipment will depend heavily on the gym’s philosophy and target market. Some establishment types focus mainly on clients who wish to improve their general health and fitness. In these establishments, variety is key. The gym should be able to provide a wide variety of fitness equipment ranging from cardio machines to weightlifting equipment. Other gyms may focus more on bodybuilding or functional training.

Choosing and buying fitness equipment can be a challenging endeavor, especially if the prospective gym owner is working on a limited budget. As much as possible, prospective owners must strive to find a balance between providing familiar pieces of gym equipment (like the treadmill, stationary bike, and the bench press) and new equipment that will enable the gym to differentiate itself from the competition.

One key mistake that prospective fitness training facility owners make is to buy too many pieces of fitness equipment within a short period of time. Instead of following this route, prospective gym owners should factor in the issues of providing variety to clients, available space in the gym, and cost.

What are the kinds of fitness equipment that fit these criteria? What fitness equipment should prospective gym owners first invest in?


Dumbbells will fit practically any type of fitness gym. Although these are used primarily for strength training, these tools are quite versatile. Additionally, these require a minimal amount of space and require minimal investment.

Adjustable benches

Prospective gym owners must also invest in adjustable benches which can take the place of flat and incline benches. These benches can be used in a seated or standing position and, like dumbbells, they require a limited space.

Elastic resistance

Elastic resistance can come in the form of bands, tubings, and loops. This fits the bill when it comes to low cost, low space requirements and versatility. These devices may be used for different exercises and can be mounted on walls and doors for added versatility.


In recent years, kettlebells have gained a boost in popularity for their effectivity and versatility. These can be used as substitutes for dumbbells or may be used for exercises like swings and deadlifts.

After allocating capital toward the acquisition of these gym essentials, owners can focus their attention on equipment that satisfy the demands of their clients.

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