Amazon customers’ most popular fitness equipment revealed; gyms and healthcare centres can evolve with investment in new products; what does fitness industry need to do?

FITNESS Industry entities will need to introduce new products in their facilities to keep up with changing consumer trends that need to be complemented.

Amazon has unveiled its list of the 12 most popular pieces of fitness equipment and gyms, health clubs and fitness centres will need to react to placate demand.

Not every piece is relevant or necessary for businesses to purchase and implement, but the following items can immediately secure your company ROI through the capital-free initial investment.

Maintaining cash flow is crucial during any trading period, therefore securing the assets your business needs to evolve cost-effectively is imperative.

By utilising asset finance leasing, your business can enjoy the sales success stimulated by the new equipment, without sacrificing a penny of working capital upfront.

The arrangement is completely tax deductible due to it being a trading expense, so can actually save your company money due to interest repayments being from 2.5 per cent.

What fitness products do you need?

Tangle-Free Cardio Jump Rope

It’s extremely cost-effective priced at under £10 per-unit, so securing high volumes of this product can immediately induce high ROI and increased customer satisfaction.

Adjustability is integrated in the rope, ensuring that it can be modified quickly to complement the variety of individuals you will be catering for, while storage is seamless, ensuring that no immediate changes to capacity will be necessary as you look to protect your new asset.

Storage solutions can also be secured through asset finance — should you purchase many of the products mentioned here — also with no upfront investment.

Asset finance arrangments for fitness industries are crucial before new year rush

Business asset finance arrangements can boost success immediately for fitness businesses, without any capital being sacrificed.

Live Infinitely Exercise Ball

A basic necessity for anyone concerned about working their core it may be, but this piece of equipment can strengthen any gym or fitness facility.

The exercise ball costs between £10 and £17 and can be used in a variety of scenarios to support your customers enjoy a more enriching experience within your facility – comfortably acting as an ergonomically complementary seat, too.

It’s leak-proof and will not burst – a key USP of the device as you look to market it to your now growing consumer base.

Simply Fit Board

This balance and strength assisting device will be imperative to supporting a more productive gym-goer.

It affords your fitness-obsessed customers the ability to undertake other exercises at the same time, while improving their core balance; each unit costs £30.

With the board’s versatility, your gym/fitness centre will be able to market new classes to members that can utilise it within group activities.

Valeo Web Roller Wheel

This cost-effective device, priced at just £7.50, will strengthen abs, arms, shoulders, back, and your profits thanks to its current and enduring popularity.

If you don’t already have the roller wheel, your customers will hope you do as they look to renew their gym membership after the Christmas period.

Amazon has consistently seen it sold in high volumes for individuals, but by incorporating it in your gym, you will be able to cater for an even broader market.

Acting now will save money

Head of Marketing at Portman Asset Finance was excited for businesses, but urged immediate action to compliment demand. He said: “The new year period is the most popular time for consumers to take out gym memberships, therefore acting quickly to ensure you have more USPs to stand out is crucial.

“Interest rates are set to rise before Christmas, too, so maximising the near record low rates before the rise will ensure you secure the cheapest fitness asset finance agreement.”

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