You have finally decided to pursue your true passion: filmmaking. However, making the transition from your current job to your dream one entails facing a few challenges, chief of which is getting your hands on the right type of film and audio equipment.

Whether you are a freelancer, a business owner who wants to produce high quality online videos, or a passionate hobbyist who wants to reach kindred spirits through YouTube and other online video sharing platforms, you need to consider investing in the best film equipment.


If budget is not an issue, you should get prosumer camcorders. These camcorders may be more expensive but you can offset the cost with the benefits they offer.

One of these benefits is the ability to use interchangeable lenses. Couple those with the larger image sensors that come with these camcorders and you will immediately notice a massive upgrade to the quality of videos you take.

Light sources

Whatever type of camera you choose to invest in, you will definitely need an additional light source. Quite simply, you cannot rely on the onboard light of the camera.

At the very least, you should invest in a basic three-point lighting setup which can handle photo and interview sessions with great ease. This set up will include one key light, a fill light, and a back light.

Apart from these lights, it is worthwhile to invest in a few essential accessories like light stands, clamps, and booms. Filters, barndoors, gels, and diffusers, on the other hand, will help you get more out of your lighting setup.

At some point in time, you may also want to invest in either a cine metre or spot metre.


The quality of your audio can be undermined by poor audio quality. Whether you have a consumer or prosumer camera, you will need a professional microphone.

With a consumer camera, you will need an external mic to help you get closer to your subject. The onboard mic of a prosumer camera, on the other hand, captures background noise.

Experts recommend investing in a lavalier or external shotgun microphone. An XLR adaptor, on the other hand, is a must if your camcorder does not have XLR inputs which is required for mics with XLR connectivity.

Camera support

For many applications, a tripod can provide good camera support. You can do a lot with a conventional photo tripod but if you want better results, consider investing in a fluid head video tripod.

A dolly is essential for filmmakers who wish to take tracking shots. And as you further hone your skills, you may want to add cranes and jibs later on.

Obtaining financing

Investing in film equipment can be daunting, considering the quick pace of technological advancements.

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