Entertainment & Gaming

  • Attract broader audiences
  • Invest in the experience
  • Stay on-trend
  • Cater for the whole family
Excellent 300+ reviews 4.6 stars 200+ reviews

Entertainment & Gaming

  • Attract broader audiences
  • Invest in the experience
  • Stay on-trend
  • Cater for the whole family
Excellent 300+ reviews 4.6 stars 200+ reviews
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  • Entertainment industry finance since 2007

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The restrictions of the pandemic caused a major setback for the amusements industry. However, the sector is expected to bounce back with technology and social media playing an increasing role in driving customer growth.


Invest in attracting a wider market

Recent legislation limiting spend on gaming machines may have reduced revenues in the short term for entertainment and gaming businesses. However, this has changed perceptions of gaming venues, making them feel ‘safer’ and more appealing to a wider audience who may not have ventured in before. With the right investment and savvy diversification (wider food and drink options for instance), amusement venues can now compete for a larger stake of the evening entertainment landscape, increasing footfall and profit-per-visit.


Go big on social

Amusement venues can use social media to increase awareness among new audiences. Got a new game? Share it to your audience. The right game can draw traffic to your venue. Running a competition night? Again, make a splash on social. Successful use of social media requires consistent content creation, strategy and management. A loan from Portman Asset Finance can help fund investment in social media, training and wider marketing activities to grow your customer base and put your venue on the map.

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Invest in family

It’s a perfect time to enter or expand into the Family Entertainment Centre and game room market. The latest systems are more interactive and engaging than ever before, providing experiences for all ages that aren’t easily replicated on a mobile phone or in the home. Invest in a sophisticated high tech game room environment with finance from Portman and you’ve moved from ‘amusement venue’ to ‘family attractions’.


Invest in the future

Those innovations we mentioned above? Well they include virtual reality. Expected to reach over 70 million users by 2023, VR is here to stay, with several manufacturers showcasing their new VR games at the 2022 EAG show in London. For entertainment and gaming businesses, VR can drive traffic to your venue and help it stand out from the competition. Most importantly, VR systems can deliver maximum experience for your customers without demanding a lot of your floorspace. One of the great benefits of VR is the ability to play games with other players. That’s a great up-sell opportunity for groups, and creates a unique creative energy in your venue. Watching people playing Virtual Reality is often a hilarious spectacle in itself! Finance from Portman can help you invest in future tech today.


Invest in the experience

Competition for consumer attention is tight for entertainers. We’ve all got mobiles with OLED screens and a whole heap of games. We’ve all got gaming systems at home. Everything is on demand. But that’s where the opportunity lies for businesses in the entertainment and gaming sector. People still want to go out. They still want live experiences. They still want food, drink, fun and games with friends and family.

How can we support your Entertainment & Gaming business

Whether you are investing in the latest machines, replacing old cabinets, adding vintage arcade games to your venue, branching out or doing a complete refurbishment, Portman can help finance your ambition.
icon Hire Purchase

Hire purchase usually involves paying the VAT and a deposit up-front. Fixed monthly repayments are then made, affected by whether you pay off the entire loan over the term or chose a final balloon payment. The final option to purchase is guaranteed for a nominal fee, transferring ownership of the asset to the customer.

Hire purchase is well-suited for situations where a company definitely wants to own the item at the end of the term, often where the asset has a significant usable lifespan, a high residual value and will not need to be upgraded.

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icon Lease Finance

Equipment leasing allows a business to acquire hard or soft assets without the upfront costs associated with large purchases. A lender purchases the item, the business then leases it through fixed monthly payments over an agreed term.

Typically, asset finance is provided for high value ‘hard’ assets such as machinery, equipment or vehicles, but Portman also arranges asset finance for ‘soft’ assets such as IT, fitness, catering or vending equipment, as well as premises fit-outs, furniture or even air-conditioning.

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icon Business Loans

Business loans are a way of borrowing money, which is repaid in monthly instalments, including interest, over an agreed term. Business loans are a common way to help smooth out cashflow fluctuations and take opportunities where otherwise they could be missed due to a lack of working capital.

Business loans can be secured or unsecured. Portman typically provides unsecured loans which can be more flexible and do not require collateral but are likely to require a personal guarantee. Secured loans are tied to an asset which the lender can claim ownership of if repayments are not made, these may be used in equipment refinance deals.

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icon Start Up Loans

New businesses often need an injection of finance to get them off the ground. Asset finance for new businesses allows you to focus on running your company and bringing in customers, confident that you have the equipment, vehicle or stock you need without the large initial outlay.

Using finance for your equipment means that you preserve the credit card or overdraft for contingency and operating expenses when the unexpected happens.

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icon Equipment Refinance

If you recently bought a high-value item outright but would now prefer to have financed it, we can help with a sale-and-lease-back agreement. If the item is less than 3m old, give us a copy of the invoice and we will calculate the current value. After a few checks and acceptance of the term and monthly repayments, we can give you the cash equivalent of the invoice to put back into the business. You’ll then make fixed monthly payments including interest, whilst your asset earns you money.

If your business owns high value assets that are not currently on finance, subject to a valuation, it is also possible to use them as security for a loan, with lenders offering a cash loan up to a % of the asset’s value.

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icon Recovery Loans – Ending June 30

With no personal guarantee up to £250k, Recovery Loans offer an excellent way of making sure your business gets back on its feet after the effects of the pandemic. Many businesses affected by the Covid-19 pandemic and its restrictions can access the UK government’s Recovery Loan Scheme (RLS), providing UK SMEs with better access to finance.

Recovery Loans can be used for any legitimate business or simply provide cashflow. Up to £350k can be borrowed on terms from 2 to 6 years and with no personal guarantee up to £250k, your personal wealth is not at risk.

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Having the opportunity to offer a lease option on a commercial fit out which covers the partitioning, carpets, and furniture – all of the items you would think you couldn’t lease- is fantastic. It means that our clients can keep the same specification, rather than having to cut down and restrict elements of the project. As a contractor, it also means we can get a deposit up front, which secures our labour and materials.

I gave George at Portman a ring, he was really helpful and laid out all the options. We ended up spreading the payments over three years- it is a very simple, straightforward agreement and the decision was back in 24 hours. The whole Portman experience has been fantastic.

From the first call, they were very friendly and very helpful – our Account Manager guided us along the way for our first finance agreement and we’ve never had a problem since. We used them again for the new press six years down the line.

Portman enabled us to spread the cost of purchasing the equipment for our trampoline park, which meant we could use extra marketing channels and launch the business the way we wanted to. If we hadn’t been able to spread the cost of our initial fit out, we probably wouldn’t be in the position we are today.

My Account Manager, Jordan has helped me out from the top to the bottom and I really appreciate what he has done for me. He’s made it a smooth journey for me and was great at keeping me up to date over the phone and would even respond to emails out of hours which I really appreciated.

With the support from Portman, Georgia opened her stunning restaurant in Chelsea, London and has since received a considerable amount of success, receiving glowing reviews about the food, beautiful location and her hard working team.

Lamen needed the finance to secure his dreams. Lamen was assigned one of our dedicated Account Managers, making his process as simple and easy as possible. Portman were able to provide the finance to lease all his Kitchen Equipment so he could stay ahead in the competitive market.

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