UK breweries that invest in producing premium beers with more purity are likely to hit the spot with an increasingly savvy consumer market, according to a new survey.

A study of 2,000 British drinkers carried out by Japanese beer brand Kirin Ichiban found that drinkers want beers with purity and unique brewing processes, following on from the boom in craft beer over recent years.

Some 87% of respondents look for a more premium beer that offers purity when drinking out, with men and women aged between 30-44 saying purity was the most appealing quality in a beer, and 47% believing a ‘pure’ beer would taste nicer.

The results also showed that quality and distinctive brewing processes are important to drinkers, with 84% stating they would choose a beer brewed using the unique first press process (extracting only the purest portion of the finest ingredients from the first strain of malt liquid) over traditional brewing methods.

One in five drinkers based in the north of the country claimed they now prefer a global beer over a traditional lager, indicating that buying patterns are changing and tastes are becoming more refined with consumers putting quality ahead of price.

Mark Kozo, Head of Marketing at Portman Asset Finance, says: “It’s interesting to see that more customers in the beer sector are valuing quality and taking an interest in the brewing process. Many of them want premium beers that contain only the finest ingredients that will give them a more enjoyable drinking experience.

“We’ve helped a number of breweries and distilleries access the finance they need to invest in their facilities, whether it’s purchasing new fermenting and conditioning tanks or upgrading their filtration systems.

“Consumers are becoming more demanding, so if you need to enhance your brewing methods by investing in new equipment or more quality ingredients to create extra purity in your product, then we can help.

“By using asset finance, there is no initial outlay so you can start earning money from your new purchases straightaway – all while preserving your working capital. Flexible repayment terms over lengthy periods can be arranged, giving you the ability to grow your brewery business in a way that suits you.”

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