Dentists need new software to improve productivity and improve customer proposition; time and money savings tips for dentists revealed; dentist equipment finance secured with Portman

DENTISTS Across the UK desperately need to secure new equipment for their surgeries after new innovations revealed remarkable cost and time savings could be made with investment.

Convenience is not something that has been a pivotal requirement for consumers until now, however, the emergence of portable lasers has facilitated a new consumer market and demand base that needs to be serviced.

Dental equipment is changing quickly and a market report by Credence Research has indicated that the global value of dental supplies will increase by 5.4 per cent every year for the next eight years.

Current equipment is being rendered obsolete at a remorseless rate by the portable lasers, electro and laser surgery techniques, cone beam CT scanning, and bespoke 3D printers specifically for dentists on offer.

SOL Laser: Portable Diode Laser System

A £2,610 device may not be cheap, but it is instantly attainable thanks to dental equipment finance from Portman.

Asset finance ensures that you can use the device within days of seeing this article. The ergonomic portability and high-contrast blue aiming beam makes your work easier thanks to the contrast the beam has with human tissue, compared with the confusing red beam used on most current models.

Four simple settings and hassle-eliminating disposable tips increase your ROI and cost per-patient: the SOL is a pioneering tool that will transform your customer proposition without a penny being needed upfront.

AJAX AJ12 Full Spec Dental Chair

The cornerstone and epicentre of successful work for dentists, this £7,082 device is something your surgery will need and is purchasable without any initial investment.

It’s armed with a 5 hand piece delivery system and 5 piece hanger assistant tray that facilitates the convenience you need to maximise productivity and boost ROI as much within your surgery as you will be able to externally thanks to the SOL Laser.

A built in X-ray viewer provides seamless and real-time analysis of your patient examination, while the woodpecker curing light and the Scaler EMS ensure that further productivity and patient comfort gains are added to your business USP.

2018’s October budget revealed that the AIA (Annual Investment Allowance) for businesses claiming back tax for purchased equipment has been increased to £1 million, from just £200,000 pre-budget.

Find out more about what Portman can do to help finance for your dentist surgery on 01604 761 276, and see how easy business asset finance solutions are to come by.

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