There are two major roadblocks that dentists commonly encounter when planning an upgrade for their equipment: cost and the learning curve. Sometimes, these issues are more than enough to stop practices from making key upgrades even if these are necessary.

But apart from cost and the learning curve involved in making vital investments toward your practice, there are a few other factors that should be involved in the process of deciding whether an upgrade is warranted.

Here are a few important guidelines that dentists can use in making an informed choice when it comes to upgrading their practices.

The essentials

When you are starting out with your own practice, there are a few pieces of equipment that you cannot simply do without. These include the dental chair, lighting, and cabinetry.

And although the upfront cost of these equipment may be significant, the upside is that these can last for a very long time with sensible and timely care and maintenance. For example, the patient’s hydraulic chair can be reupholstered and given a fresh look.

Making room for technological advancements

No matter what your field of specialisation may be, embracing technological advancements offers two key benefits.

First, these new technologies allow you to upgrade your level of patient care while improving your overall quality of work. Second, adding new equipment for your practice allows you not only to keep abreast with the changes in your field. More importantly, these can help your practice become more competitive as well.

Is it worth it?

In order to determine whether a piece of equipment is a valuable investment, there are a few things that you need to ask.

First, you need to determine how such additions can improve your level of patient care.

In terms of your actual practice, you will need to ask what improvements new equipment can bring. Sometimes, making key investments may even allow you to offer new types of services.

It is also worthwhile to evaluate whether a piece of equipment can boost your practice’s overall productivity.

Finally, calculate the return on investment that you can reap over the short and long term.

A partner that you can trust

Financing any upgrade can be daunting.

Here at Portman, we understand the need for dentists to balance their need to acquire valuable pieces of equipment with the need for liquidity.

With our dental equipment finance service, you can acquire much need equipment ranging from cabinetry to X-ray machines and lights. We even offer tailored packages customised based on your personal requirements.

Contact one of our dedicated Account Managers to learn how Portman can help your practice.

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