Cement technology in seminal moment; 3D-printed designs to increase strength of all buildings; disaster-proof buildings in sight

CEMENT Technology has been revolutionised and all businesses and home owners can invest in these vital innovations to protect assets and add new USPs.

The new technology is inspired by the beetle and its innate ability to be tougher under pressure, and has been suggested by professors to offer completely disaster-proof structures and increased overall resilience.

Pioneered by a research group at Purdue University in the US, the new 3D-printed structure controls the levels of pressure and damage exerted on the differing layers – diffusing the immediate effects on concentrated areas that would otherwise be damaged.

It has been inspired by nature, evolution, and the entire survival of the fittest theory, and uses ‘built-in weaknesses’ to increase its impregnability.

The software needed to realise these ambitions professionally and domestically are already available. By investing in 3D printing technology, the materials – including cement paste, mortar, and concrete; and software, businesses within any sector, but especially construction, manufacturing, and technology, will be able to provide this seminal change to the business and consumer market.

3D-printed cement will improve all sectors

Extensions to business premises, new offices, homes, schools, hospitals, and more will need to utilise this technology to develop and ensure that the B2C and B2B markets are being offered a truly unique and revolutionary product.

Portman Asset Finance can ensure that this investment doesn’t affect working capital and daily operations. By financing the options, your business would not be losing any money. Through asset financing any piece of equipment or material, you can offset your tax liabilities against interest rates to actually save money, while also optimising cash flow.

Having the asset in place to improve your customer proposition will improve business and pay for itself, while all your financial reserves are preserved, ensuring that there are no concerns regarding supplier payments, wages, or other ancillary costs due to buying an asset outright.

3D-printed cement innovation will mark a seminal changing moment in construction

3D-printed cement will ensure structures are disaster proof; it will be a vital asset finance investment

The technology has previously been pioneered by Prof Mike Ashby, of Cambridge University, and is firmly entering the mainstream, which will ensure that its mass production drives competition up.

Implementing and investing in these new technologies will be crucial to short-term business success, notwithstanding the long-term benefits associated with being a pioneering brand that was at the forefront of this groundbreaking innovation.

The findings have already been presented to the International Conference on Concrete and Digital Fabrication, so urgency will be needed to optimise this business-changing trend for your company.

It can benefit your construction or manufacturing business immediately

Thanks to a mould no longer being needed, manufacturing times will be reduced, too. The unique properties of the new cement structure could not be developed without a 3D printer, so investment in either the cement itself or the printers to develop it is imperative to future business success.

Head of Marketing at Portman Asset Finance was excited for businesses as the 3D-printed technology was revealed. He said: “The construction industry is enjoying a buoyant period that will only extend thanks to the recent house building announcements by the government.

“All industries and structures will benefit from this groundbreaking innovation, so looking to asset finance 3D-printing technology will offer immediate increases to business and property value.”

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