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Fashion retailer Robert Goddard recently launched it’s brand new e-commerce site, where customers can browse the latest collections from the world’s leading brands and order items directly to their home.

Managing Director, Oliver Tookman, identified that the new website would require a better solution to their existing photography set up and sought a more efficient way of producing photographs of their stock for the new website.

Oliver explained: “Bricks and mortar stores are important part of our business model and are definitely where we see the future of our business, but we also understand that we have to be multi-channel. That’s led to us starting our website which has been in development for over a year now.”

The site is intended to act as an online shopfront for the businesses stores, where customers can view current stock and new arrivals, then head to their local shop to make a purchase. However, customers can order directly from the website and the company offers international shipping.

“To me, photography is key and we took a lot of time researching what the best solution was. Having spoken to friends and other online retailers I know, we feel we have found the best solution with StyleShoots. They are a Dutch firm that have developed machines that automate the entire process and take out a lot of the time involved with setting up the products, taking the images and editing them. Previously, we could produce 8 to 10 images a day. With style shoots, on a good day we can have 35 to forty images ready to go on our website.”

Oliver was recommended to Portman Asset Finance by StyleShoots: “Styleshoots recommend asset finance and Portman in particular as they had worked with them in the past. I gave George at Portman a ring, he was really helpful and laid out all the options. We ended up spreading the payments over three years- it is a very simple, straightforward agreement and the decision was back in 24 hours. The whole Portman experience has been fantastic.”

Oliver’s Account Manager, George Dunn, added: “It was a pleasure to assist Oliver, and it’s great to hear that the StyleShoots machines have been a hit with the team at Robert Goddard. Their new website looks great and the photography produced using the StyleShoots equipment looks fantastic! I very much look forward to working with Oliver again and wish him the best of luck with the new store at Rushden Lakes.”

If you would like to speak with one of our equipment finance Account Managers, call us today on 01604 761 276.

We ended up spreading the payments over three years- it is a very simple, straightforward agreement and the decision was back in 24 hours. The whole Portman experience has been fantastic.

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