Hoptimiser leasing its new piece of innovative brewing software; hop consumption reduced; new innovation available without upfront investment for brewer community


BREWER Life has just been made a whole lot easier thanks to the work of Hoptimiser and their new Rolec DH/Dry Hopper technology.

The new innovation was featured in Beer Today and urged brewers to utilise Portman’s industry-leading asset finance services to secure this vital new piece of equipment to lower the costs of beer production.

Leasing the product, as opposed to buying it with vital working capital, ensures you protect your cash reserves, optimise cash flow, and immediately quench your thirst for increased ROI through the omission of capital investment.

By breaking up the hops and facilitating a larger surface area for contact with the beer itself, 40 per cent fewer hops are needed to produce the same volume of beer.


Is asset financing feasible without the funds?


Portman provides businesses with the ability to invest in their company without sacrificing working capital, and with the Rolec DH technology, any brewer has the opportunity to utilise this business-changing device to dramatically improve ROI.

The demand for more hop-forward beer, driven by the desire for more real ales and craft beers, has seen businesses expend more to supply the demand on their brewery.

Hoptimiser’s new device, however, has allowed businesses to enjoy unrivalled hop efficiency and productivity, which can be leased through Portman from just £243.53 per-month.

A warranty for the device is provided by Hoptimiser and covers the length of the lease period, while a trial is also available to any brewer looking to test the product’s suitability before activating any asset finance agreement.

Brewer community can be boosted by Portman asset finance arranements for brewing community

The new device launched by Hoptimiser with Portman’s help can save the brewing industry thousands of pounds a year.

Upfront costs are not the only areas where money can be saved by breweries nationwide. Through asset finance, you negate your tax liabilities, which will ensure you actually profit from this means of purchase compared to buying it upfront.

The highest selling beers in the UK are hop-forward, which means that utilising this technology is imperative if you are to compete with rivals and maximise your resources.

Speaking to BeerWulf, Melissa Cole, Certified Cicerone and experienced beer writer, confirmed the findings and revealed more reasons for securing the new Dry Hopper Technology. She said: “The ‘cellars’ of the new generation of beer lovers are starting to grow, which will increase the appreciation for beer that can age well.”


The product caters for a growing market


The Rolec DH/Dry Hopper Technology facilitates more mature beer tastes thanks to its usage of pioneering pressurised CO2 air-purging technology.

By maintaining a constant, simultaneously pressurised recirculation of the air-extraction, all the hops are equally parched of oxygen during the fermentation process, which can be repeated for as long as necessary.

David Lee, managing director of Torqueflow-Sydex Pumps and the Hoptimiser brand encouraged the brewer community to utilise Portman Asset Finance. He said: “This is a great opportunity for breweries that are struggling to find the funds to upgrade their equipment to put in place the latest technology without delay.

“We urge brewers to consider this route as a means of securing the operational savings enjoyed by so many of our Rolec DH customers.”

Head of Marketing at Portman Asset Finance Mark Kozo urged breweries to act quickly to lower costs. He said: “Brewers nationwide have been presented with a guaranteed cost-saving opportunity without the need for capital investment.

“Interest rates are set to rise after of the Chancellor’s Autumn statement on 29 October, so I urge breweries and businesses across all industries to take advantage of a fixed-rate agreement that enjoys the current rate of interest.”

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