Thousands of UK breweries are being warned that updated waste water regulations could see them facing potential fines or even disciplinary action.

Water management expert Declan Maguire, operations director at Alpheus Environmental, a subsidiary of Anglian Water Group, says many beer manufacturers are unaware of the extent and potential impact of tightened rules under the new Industrial Emissions Directive (IED).

Under the revised regulations, set to come into force later this year, companies are obliged to reduce harmful industrial emissions, including emissions of waste water. A ‘polluter pays’ principle puts the onus on companies to upgrade their water treatment facilities if necessary.

Maguire was quoted in Beer Today as saying: “The extent of the new obligations are only now becoming apparent as sectoral guidelines come into place.

“Companies that were previously IED compliant will suddenly become non-compliant as they fail to achieve the new standards. If beer companies are not proactively establishing baseline reports of emissions and addressing deficiencies, it will lead to penalties and ultimately facility closures.”

Mark Kozo, Head of Marketing at Portman Asset Finance, says: “Brewers are facing increasing pressure to ensure their water management facilities meet these updated requirements.

“We’d advise them to seek expert advice on how they can minimise the emissions from their wasted water, and if an upgrade to their systems is required it would be worth considering an asset finance agreement to pay for it. This will ensure they can implement the necessary improvements straightaway without having to meet a steep upfront cost, keeping their business on a solid footing.”

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