Digital radiography. Operatory software. Non-invasive laser techniques. These are but a few examples of recent advances in the field of dentistry.

Although many experts say that dental technology still has a long way to go, dentistry has undergone a substantial amount of change leading to better care for patients.

Surprisingly, many practices hold off on investing in these and other available dental technologies. Why?

There are a few possible reasons why practices resist the idea of investing in new technology. Some practitioners believe that these technologies are far from perfect and now is not the best time for an upgrade. Others take into consideration the level of their cash flow. Or perhaps, a few practitioners simply resist change in favour of the technologies they have grown accustomed to.

Whatever the reason may be, holding off on the idea of investing in new dental technologies can lead to a few disadvantages for dental practices in the short and long term.

For one, a practice may find itself lagging behind other practices which have chosen to embrace new technologies early on. This can lead to a practice playing catch up.

Another dire consequence of holding off upgrades is that a practice may lose some of its talented staff to more technologically advanced competitors.

Finally, a practice may find its customer-base dwindling, with patients favouring dental practices that use new treatments and procedures.

Embracing new dental technologies goes beyond upgrading a practice’s equipment. At its core, a new development in the field of dentistry is all about providing patients with more effective, less invasive care. In turn, when these advancements are made available, patients attain a greater amount of convenience and marked improvement in their oral health while minimising the required number of visits and chair time.

Furthermore, patients understand the value of recent technological developments and actively seek out practitioners that offer new treatments and procedures, even if that means paying a steeper fee.

But this is not just a major win for patients. In fact, practices that readily face new technologies attain a higher degree of efficiency and productivity.

For many practices, the main issue that needs to be resolved when it comes to investing in new technologies is finding the best time to make a purchase of dental equipment.

There is no right or wrong answer to the question. But as a rule of thumb, practitioners should be aware that dental technology is continuously evolving at a fast pace. The prudent move then is to take advantage of recent developments while developing a long term plan for future upgrades.

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