Renewable Energy

More and more people are realising the benefits of using renewable energy sources, and investing in the necessary equipment that will allow them to produce green energy.

Switching to sources such as solar energy will reduce dependency on fossil fuel gas, and precious oil reserves. Non-renewable energy sources are becoming rarer, and in turn much more expensive. By switching to clean energy sources, businesses increase their energy security, and reduce their dependence on outside sources. The advantages of investing in the various types of renewable energy sources are vast, and each has its own benefit.

Along with other global warming emissions, carbon dioxide is gradually overloading the earth’s atmosphere, driving the temperature upwards. Renewable energy sources generate little or no emissions, and can work to decrease the harmful health and environmental effects of unclean emissions. Air pollutants have been linked to causing various respiratory problems, meaning switching to clean energy can bring about significant health benefits.

There are various ways to produce clean, renewable energy, and depending on the location of a business, some options may work better than others. Wind energy is particularly suited to the UK’s windy weather, however, solar panels may also be placed south facing to use as much power from the sun as possible.

The popularity of renewable energy doesn’t just stop in business, and many consumers are actively searching for companies that work to reduce their carbon footprint. Social media platforms have enjoyed a surge of popularity in the last few years, and there are many blogs and accounts dedicated to advertising companies that monitor their impact on the environment. Reputations are malleable, and in order to remain the first choice for their target demographic, a business must continue to adapt to their strategy to suit certain external factors.


Energy bills can cause business outgoings to skyrocket, as well as fluctuate dramatically from year to year. Renewable energy can not only help to stabilise costs, which is advantageous when planning future budgets, but it can also save money.

Renewable energy facilities may cause an initial increase in cost to install, however, Portman Asset Finance can provide fast and affordable finance options, along with a decision in a matter of hours. The initial costs of installing renewable energy facilities have been consistently proven to be offset by the year on year savings that can be expected to be achieved.

At Portman Asset Finance, we understand that whatever area of business you are in, you need a responsive decision that allows you to grow, and as such, we are committed to finding the best finance solution for you.

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Why invest in renewable energy equipment?

The benefits of renewable energy go far beyond its green credentials; this clean form of energy can also generate powerful returns.

Invest in renewable energy equipment and you could create enough energy to significantly cut your bills. You could reduce your reliance on electricity from external sources and potentially have the freedom to go off-grid altogether.

Generate savings from green energy

From solar panels to wind turbines, green energy generation, has proven to be a profitable revenue stream for many farmers and rural business owners across the country. Unused and unprofitable land or roof space can simply be transformed into a potentially lucrative renewable energy generation. It is an effective, low-risk way of securing your business’ long term future whilst reducing your carbon footprint.

How green energy financing pays off

The anticipated energy savings linked with renewable energy equipment will allow you to offset your finance repayments. In addition, you can expect to make savings year-on-year as your energy bills continue to be off-set.

Finance for renewables

At Portman Asset Finance, with our expertise in supporting the energy sector, we assist businesses in acquiring all types of affordable renewable energy asset finance. We provide the right solutions in funding for farmers through easy-to-manage solar panel loans, wind farm investment and energy efficiency finance.

Plus unlike banks, we are more responsive in making decisions, offering you the renewable energy equipment finance you need to get started, in the fastest and most efficient way possible.

We seek to help businesses in many sectors to improve their prospects and profitability. Providing one-stop renewable energy finance we’re committed to the sector and can continue to offer asset funding solutions as your business develops and grows.

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