Construction Equipment Finance

Construction Equipment Finance

Construction companies, more than any other, require multiple sources of funding for a wide variety of purposes.

It makes sense to have a range of different finance options that can assist construction companies with finance. Asset finance is a broad term encompassing all types of construction equipment and vehicle financing. Portman Asset Finance has no limit or exclusion on the type of equipment we will look to finance.

Many construction businesses have suffered or been held back by poor access to finance. Portman’s team of finance experts understand the pressures of working in this sector and consequently are able to provide finance quickly and painlessly.

What we offer

Finance is available for both second hand and new equipment.
Portman can refinance assets already owned within the business releasing equity from your assets for better use in the business.

Construction Finance

Construction Equipment Finance – The benefits to your business

  • Construction equipment finance enables companies to carefully manage their capital outlays in such a way as to balance income and expenditure.
  • Construction equipment finance also offers companies considerable flexibility and convenience, with variable finance periods available at competitive rates. Client-oriented payment structures can also be devised to further support business.
  • Portman has years of diverse commercial experience which, when coupled with its considerable expertise and unrivalled customer service, makes it an obvious choice for construction firms in the UK.
  • Providing one-stop-finance – we’re committed to the sector and can continue to offer asset funding solutions as your business develops and grows.